Lytle Creek
This is one of my favorite hikes! It has a few challenging sections, but the last mile of the hike makes it all worth it! The roundtrip hike is about 5 miles. The hike takes you from about 3800 FT and up to about 5300 FT. This trail runs above and along a mountain stream. Unfortunately, along the 1st mile of the trail, there was a fire that burned up much of the pine trees and vegetation a couple of years ago, but after that it remains untouched! This trail offers spectacular views of the stream. The hike ends at a triple, 150 ft waterfall!

After about 2+ miles the trail will lead you to a stream crossing at which you may continue up along the stream or cross the stream. If you continue up along the stream,
you will find a small Redwood Forest (2-3 acres), about 10-15 minutes upstream. The trail will disappear, but keep going in the same direction and you'll find it!

To reach the waterfalls, cross the stream and then make a left for about 100 yards until you reach another stream. Upon reaching this stream go upstream until you reach the end about a 1/4 mile away. This brings you to a triple, 150 ft waterfall and a great place to have a lunch break or just relax!

You want to take at least 2-3 bottles of water per person and plan on having a minimum of 4 hours to complete this hike. You'll be entering a Wilderness Area and you should be prepared and get a wilderness permit from the Ranger Station. You will also need a Forest Adventure Pass as well. There is a excellent place to camp near the stream crossing as well!

Caution before heading out! You'll need an off-road vehicle to get to the trail head. The last 3-miles is off-road. To get to this trail, you take the 91E, 15N, exit Sierra Ave & make a left. On the left there a good place to get snacks, gas or use the restroom. From here you'll want to continue down Sierra towards the mountains for about 4 miles. About a mile or so past the Ranger Station, you'll make a left on Middle Creek Rd. You'll take this road for about 3-miles to the trail head.
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